Recommended Apps for Windows/Android/Ubuntus/Chrome

One of my hobbies is to download new apps and then try them all. After testing so many apps, I build my own evaluation system. Here is the list of my favorite apps.

Windows Packages

Anti-virtures: Window Essential
System Cleaning: CClean
Zip and unzip: Winrar or 7Zip
File Sharing: Dropbox
CD Burning: ImgBurn
Tether with 4G cellphone network: PdaNet
Mouse and Keyboard Sharing: Synergy
Password Management: KeePass
Communication: Skype
Web browser: Chrome or Firefox
MultiMedia player: KMplayer
Photo Management: Picasa
Picture Editor: Gimp
Notebook Management: Evernote
PDF reader: Adobe Reader
PDF split and merge: pdfsam
Editor: Notepad ++
Mindmapping: FreeMind
Home Theater System: Plex

Android Packages

Email: Gmail
Calendar: aCalendar
To do list: Wunderlist

Messeger: WeChat/Skype/Talk
Scanner: CamScanner
Dictionary: Dictionary
Web browser: Chrome
Interface: Nova
Productive: Clockwork Tomatoes
Notes: Evernote/Springpad
Jot Note: Keep/Workflowy
Camera Plus: Carmera Zoom FX
File Sharing: Dropbox/Google Drive
SSL Shell: ConnectBot
Read: Pocket/Feedly/Kindle/
Picture Sharing: Instagram
Media Input: TED/Audible
Online Learning: Coursera
Food Monitor: Fooducate
Health: Nike Running

Chrome Packages

To do list: Wunderlist/Toodledo (cross plateform)
Brainstorm: Workflowy
Black room for writing: Writer
Quick HTML Writer: Markdownsta
File sharing: Google Drive/SkyDrive/Dropbox
Notes: Evernote
Shopping/Moving/Reading List: Springpad
Saved Posts: Pocket
RSS feeder: The Old Reader/Feedly
Book Reader: Kindle
Music(Local Files): Remo Music Player
Messager: imo messenger
Photo Editor: BeFunky Photo Editor
Video Editor: WeVideo
Reference: APA Format Citation
Code Editor: sourceLair
SSL Shell: Secure Shell

Google Drive Extension:
Mindmapping: Mindmup
Photo Editor: Pixlr Editor
Diagram: Lucidchart Diagram
Fax: HelloFax
Home design: Floorplanner
Pin Broad: Realtime Broad
Code Editor: ShiftEdit

Ubuntu Packages

sudo apt-get install kile
sudo apt-get install okular
sudo apt-get install skype
sudo apt-get install synergy
sudo apt-get install texlive-full
sudo apt-get install gimp
sudo apt-get install chromium
sudo apt-get install emacs
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kevin-mehall/pithos-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pithos
Tips: more ~/.bash_history | grep apt-get


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