Huizhu (Crystal) Wang
  • She grew up at a beautiful harbor city in China — Dalian.  A good swimmer. Love sand volleyball and B.B.Q on beach.
  • She went to Tsinghua University for four years, Beijing, China. Discover that she was an entire GEEK inside of her heart.
  • Then she spent another seven years for graduate school at Georgia Tech,  Atlanta, Georgia. Have learned how to conduct research.
  • She now is living happily in Rochester, Michigan. Work on her dissertation and plan her wedding.

Since Huizhu majors in Industrial Engineering and minor in Computer Science and Mathematics, she is always passionate about

She also takes photosshoots videos, crafts, and writes blogs. You’ll find her projects here as they happen. Huizhu believes others should be impressed by her work instead of personal information. So she hides her track from twitter and facebook. But you can contact her at via email or Linkedin.

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